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# Kahlenberg EN - Reinsurance Insurance

Corporate Insurance


We are proud that many enterprises have trusted us and entrusted the handling of the insurance area to us. Our clients include companies from the financial, chemical, petrochemical, food processing, power and timber industry.

Together with our clients we each time discuss the insurance management strategy so as to support all of their development activities, minimizing the risk of occurrence of fortuitous events or claims associated with their operations.

Depending on the industry, we take into consideration typical, main unique risks associated with the production process, and the risks following from third party liability for the product or continuity of deliveries etc.

In addition to the risks associated with the property or the product, we support our clients in the area of distribution in Poland and abroad, developing trade receivables insurance programs.

Our care for employees and managers involves an important element – an innovative group life insurance program which covers the employees and their relatives in the event of accident or sudden illness.

The program is perfectly complemented by health insurance ensuring quick access to specialists and diagnostic tests.